TTC timeline

Aug 2005- We meet

July 2006- Start casually dating

December 2007- offically start dating

March 2009- Get engaged (already started thinking about kids. Browsing donor profiles, reading TTC blogs, and the whole logistics of everything)

January 2010- Get married

March 2010-June 2010- Start the whole process with blood work, ultrasounds, teaching visits.. blah blah blah

July 2010- IVF with Angie’s eggs, transferred to me. 8 were retrieved and 2 made it to blast, 0 to freeze. 2 were transferred and it was a BFN

Aug 2010- Break to decide what to do. No more $$ for IVF. Decide we won’t be able to use Angie’s eggs and move to me.

Sept 2010- IUI with clomid BFN

Oct 2010- Higher dose of Clomid…body didn’t respond, only had one egg. We were being directed to skip that month because of the low chances of me getting pregnant with only one egg. Go against their advice and do IUI #2… BFP!

July 2011- Little monkey is born



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