Back to work

dang it, I just wrote a whole post and it somehow erased! This will be shorter and to the point I guess since it’s my second time writing it. I go back to work on Sunday and am actually looking forward to it. I was so lucky to get a full 12 weeks of maternity leave to spend with my little monkey, but am ready to get back to work I think. I miss adult interaction mostly. lol. I’m also looking forward to have a reason to to do my hair and put on some makeup. I feel like lately I’ve been in a slump here at home. I don’t usually get out of my pjs and am lucky if I brush my teeth. I don’t go anywhere so I don’t see a reason to get ready. I know it would probably motivate me more around the house if I got ready… but I don’t . Maybe with going back to work I will be more motivated… or less on my days off. haha. Anyone else feel like this?! I’m not looking forward however to Angie staying on night shift and me working the day shift now. We will be on opposite schedules and I’m already not liking it. If the opposite schedules start affecting our relationship Ang said she would switch to days as well but we are going to try this out for a few months. Since I went to days I had to take a 20% pay cut and we are trying to avoid Angie taking that paycut as well. I hear a lot of ppl say getting away and going to work make them feel like they can be a better mom. What are your thoughts?



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4 responses to “Back to work

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being in a slump. I rarely bother to put pants on! I feel like I’m constantly in need of a shower, but never able to take one when I want to. And I say all the time how much I think I’d enjoy even a part-time job. Just to have an opportunity to get out of the house and interact with people, and think about something other than the kids, laundry, dishes, what am I going to make for dinner, who’s been stashing cheese stick and granola bar wrappers in the couch?…..

    A 20% pay cut?!? Wow, that’s harsh. Working opposite shifts can (and probably will) be hard on you and Ang. You’ll both just have to try extra hard to make time for each other when you can. If you did decide to switch back to you both being on the same shift, how come you wouldn’t go back to nights so you both don’t lose money?

  2. Isa

    I thought all moms were miserable when they came back to work until my coworker came off maternity leave from her third baby. I have never seen anyone so cheerful and happy in my whole freakin’ life. She was practically SINGING! I think it just depends on what kind of person you are–some moms hate it, and some love having time to do work and be with adults before going back and spending quality time with their little ones–it sounds like you’re the latter. I hope the shift overlap isn’t too hard on you guys–you still get a number of days off together, right?

  3. It is so different in the UK where we get 9 months of paid time off and a further 3 months unpaid if we want it. This is the law and our employers have no choice in the matter.
    I hope the transition back to work goes smoothly and that you manage the opposite shifts ok!

  4. ITA with Isa. It depends on the person. I LOOOOVE being at home. If I had to go to work I honestly don’t know what I would do. I have not left ladybug for more than 20 minutes, with my Mom, let alone put her in daycare. I know she would be fine and not even miss me but I would miss her terribly. I get plenty of adult interaction because most of my friends are SAHM’s also. I think if you had more time to be a SAHM you would get out more and go to play groups and such. I hope your first week goes well and that it’s not too hard on either of you. 🙂

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