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Doesn’t get any better than this


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Back to work

dang it, I just wrote a whole post and it somehow erased! This will be shorter and to the point I guess since it’s my second time writing it. I go back to work on Sunday and am actually looking forward to it. I was so lucky to get a full 12 weeks of maternity leave to spend with my little monkey, but am ready to get back to work I think. I miss adult interaction mostly. lol. I’m also looking forward to have a reason to to do my hair and put on some makeup. I feel like lately I’ve been in a slump here at home. I don’t usually get out of my pjs and am lucky if I brush my teeth. I don’t go anywhere so I don’t see a reason to get ready. I know it would probably motivate me more around the house if I got ready… but I don’t . Maybe with going back to work I will be more motivated… or less on my days off. haha. Anyone else feel like this?! I’m not looking forward however to Angie staying on night shift and me working the day shift now. We will be on opposite schedules and I’m already not liking it. If the opposite schedules start affecting our relationship Ang said she would switch to days as well but we are going to try this out for a few months. Since I went to days I had to take a 20% pay cut and we are trying to avoid Angie taking that paycut as well. I hear a lot of ppl say getting away and going to work make them feel like they can be a better mom. What are your thoughts?


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