2 months

Dear sweet little monkey,

You will be 2 months old tomorrow. I can’t even belive that it is already been 2 months. It has gone by so fast. When we first brought you home I didn’t know what it would be like to be your mama. I didn’t know how to be a mama, but you have taught me. I can’t imagine our life without you. You keep changing so much every day. Sometimes I want to pause things and not let you get any bigger. You are starting to smile ALL the time. You know who your mom and mama are and give us the best heart melting smiles! Your legs and arms have a new roll in them everyday. You are getting chunky and I love it. You are also practicing you voice and when you lay on your play mat is when you are the most vocal. You are pretty much a happy go lucky baby and you don’t have very many days that you are in a bad mood or are fussy. You are starting to drool and your gums have started to change… I swear you are already getting ready to get teeth.  Your mom was eating an apple the other day and put the apple up to your lips and you stuck your tongue out and licked it a few times. We think you liked it! Your head is getting very strong and you are able to hold it up on your own for quite awhile. We practice tummy time atleast 2 times a day. You don’t like it very much, but you are getting stronger from doing it.  You starting sleeping more at night (WHOOO HOO) I bet since I’m writing this you will be up more often, but the last 4 of 5 days you have slept 6-8 hours a night. This makes for a happy baby and happy mommies.

Favorite things- your mommies making funny faces at you, kisses on your sweet lips, laying on your barnyard play mat and talking to your animals, walks outside, rides in the car and BATH TIME! Bath time/night time is your favorite. If you are ever fussy and we give you a bath you calm down right away. You like to smile and look at yourself in the mirror when we are bathing you. Your mamas favorite thing is night time with you. I love your clean sweet smelling body and how snuggly you are. I look forward to getting to rock you to sleep and your precious sleep smiles. You also love your morning time with your mom. She says she goes in to get you in the morning and as soon as she leans over the crib you give her a huge smile. You are very lucky to have two moms that love you SO much.

Dislikes- Right after your bath! You hate getting changed into your new diaper and your pjs after your warm bath. I think you get cold and you are hungry for your bed time bottle! You tolerate tummy time but get upset if we leave you there for too long!

I love you so much baby. I hope you know someday how much you are loved.

Love, Mama


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  1. jilldab

    getting big! baby smiles are awesome. just wait until he starts laughing!

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