Lactation update

So it’s been two weeks since I have started the re-lactation business!

Week one was from a Fri-Fri and consisted of me looking up online and getting some good advice from a fellow blogger on what to do. Basically I pumped every two hours and started taking the supplement Fenugreek. The end of the first week I had a lactation consultant come by to help me and head me in the right direction. We tried getting monkey to latch but he wasn’t having any part of it. She thought when I started producing more milk it would be easier to get him on. She said I was doing everything else great. She recommended renting a hospital grade pump b/c hospital grade pumps help increase and establish milk supply where as my pump helps to maintain the supply I have. I wasn’t too excited about having to shell out more $$ to get another pump esp b/c I JUST bought a brand new Medela Pump n’ Style. I also brought up the fact that in the whole week I had been pumping I couldn’t tell that I was getting any more milk and wanted to start taking either domperidone or Reglan. I did my research and decided I didn’t want to do the Reglan b/c of the many side effects. She informs me the domp. is no longer available in the US but that she could put me in touch with a few other mothers that were her clients that have taken it and ordered it online.  Oh and week one- producing in a 24 hour period, 1/4-1/2 oz

Week 2- So Friday the lactation lady leaves. Sunday I get in touch with another mamma in my neighborhood and am able to go by and buy from her a months supply of the domperidone. This past Monday I go to the hospital where I delivered and rent a pump. (still not happy about the $$, but figure if I’m going to really do this I need to be comitted and try everything)  Happy to report that on Wednesday I had produced 1 oz in a 24 hour period! Still not a lot ppl but technically I doubled my supply! And this morning when I was pumping I got about 1/4-1/2 oz out ( which is what I was getting in a 24 hour period prior) It hasn’t even been a full week since I started taking the domp and new pump ( that will be Monday) I feel like I’m really seeing results and it gets me so excited! AND monkey decided this morning he did want to latch on and nursed like 2 minutes on each side ( which is HUGE.. I usually can’t even get a few suckles) I’m still trying to offer the breast a few times a day.

I will try to update again as things progress. I told myself I would give it a month of pumping and taking the med, so lets keep fingers crossed that my boobs become a milking machine!



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7 responses to “Lactation update

  1. Isa

    Yay! Glad that it’s working. Do you get any side effects from the drug? We’ve been thinking about putting Lynn on it to induce lactation and I’d love to hear more about your experience with it!

  2. Its great that you’re so dedicated to making this happen. It sounds like you’ve made a lot of progress so far and in the end, I think you’ll be surprised at how much milk you’ll be leakin’ 🙂

  3. That’s awesome!!! I thought I posted a comment with a bunch of stuff after your last post, but I don’t see it!?! Anywho google lactation cookies, supposedly they help and who doesn’t love cookies. 🙂

  4. Well done! The Domperidone worked wonders for increasing my milk supply but I did gain about 2 stone in the process!!
    It must feel so satisfying to be re-lactating 🙂

  5. jilldab

    awesome! i am a big believer in domperidone as well – i get mine from a canadian pharmacy. it definitely helped bump up my supply for the twins for a while. hope things keep improving for you!

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