Trying this out

Ok, I feel like a complete idiot trying to figure this wordpress stuff out. I think that is one reason I stayed with blogger for so long is because I knew how to work everything and make everything pretty. How do I get all the blogs I follow to show up on the side of my blog? I put them under my subscriptions but can’t figure out how to get them to show? Also if you want the password for the posts that I will make private… email me!  The email address is



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2 responses to “Trying this out

  1. If you work out how to have a blogroll on the main page, let me know! lol

  2. dosbabymamas

    hey there!! Yeah, it can be tricky to get everything to transfer. None of my blogroll blogs transferred, so I had to enter each one by hand (so annoying!). The one big thing that I dislike about WP is that even once your blogs added, there doesn’t seem to be an option for having them update as to which blog has posted most recently. They just sit in alphabetical order on your side bar. 😦 Anyways, to add the blogs:
    1) go to your WP dashboard
    2) Click on “Links” on the left side
    3) click “Add Link”
    4) copy and paste your blogger blogs into the link and name them and VIOLA! they will be there 🙂

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