Thought maybe today was the day. I couldn’t go to bed last night until 0200 and then was awoken with cramps and low back ache around 0400. I’ve been up since… I’m exhausted but I can’t nap b/c I wake up with cramps. They aren’t horrible, just uncomfortable. I also haven’t been able to eat ANYTHING today. I’ve felt nauseated and actually had to take my zofran this afternoon. ( oh and I have had the poops..tmi) I still don’t feel good and wondering how am I going to get any sleep? Maybe this is early labor? Who knows… I have no idea what to expect. Ang has been up this whole time with me too bc she can’t sleep and she hasn’t eaten all day either but she says she thinks it’s because of nerves. We have a doctors appt tomorrow morning at 0930 so maybe they will tell us it’s go time! Wish us luck. I need to have this kid now or at least start feeling better. I need to post a picture too… tomorrow I will take a 40 week pic and try to post it!



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4 responses to “bleh

  1. How exciting!! Rebeca totally had the poops before she went into labor. She believed it was her body cleaning itself out before the baby came. So maybe… 🙂 Good luck!! Have a great meal before the dr. in case they admit you and get some rest!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! And I agree, your body does do a kind of self-cleanse before you're in full labor. Its either that, or the poops on the table… Good luck!

  3. A+K

    So exciting!!! I have been religiously checking back to see if your babe has made his apperance!! Good luck!!! 🙂

  4. Totally sounds like early labor to me!! Eeeek I can't wait to see your little monkey! Update asap!!! 🙂

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