Still here! Still no baby! Every twitch, twinge, ache, or pain makes me think… ok is it time?! My appt this past week showed that I was 1cm dilated and still pretty thick! I talk to baby boy every night and let him now that ANY time now that he wants to come out his moms will be ready for him. This coming week will be my last week of work. I work Mon, Fri, Sat and then I’m done!! Yesterday I didn’t feel so hot and all day I had low back ache and low abd cramps… these continued into the night and all night last night. I couldn’t sleep and felt pretty horrible. I thought… maybe just maybe this is the beginning of things… nope.. today no cramps and no back ache! I know I need to relax b.c baby will come when he is ready, it just sucks b.c I’m soooo done being pregnant!! Oh… and this is probably TMI but last week I’m 95% sure I lost my mucous plug!! It made me pretty excited.. I know this is no precursor to labor but we are moving in the right direction ppl!

A big congrats to 2 moms and a wild child as they welcomed their little ladybug into the world last week!!



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4 responses to “38w3d

  1. I'm so excited for you and Ang 🙂 I can't wait to get a text in the middle of the night that things are happening!!

  2. Please keep us posted as much as possible – we are so so so excited for you girls and can't wait for your little guy to arrive – yay on the 1cm, mucous plug and finishing work in a week!!! Boo on the backaches and cramps! We will be watching daily for any new news!!!

  3. A+K

    SO very excited for you guys…I keep thinking every day "OOOH I wonder if the baby is here!?". Hoping all is going well and fingers crossed for a happy, healthy delivery!!! 🙂

  4. Awh thanks Darcy!! Come out come out little monkey!!! 😉

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