Well folks things are definitely starting to change. 36 weeks.. I still can’t believe we are going to have a little baby in our arms in less than 4 weeks. Here’s what’s going on.

* Breaking out.. again. It’s like a full circle. My 2nd trimester up until now I have to say I have had ” glowing preggo skin”. These last few days I’m starting to get real dry and have more breakouts

* Back aches… oh they are killer. Once again.. just started 2 days ago. Tylenol doesn’t help them, repositioning doesn’t help. Getting up and walking around does help but they are mostly around when I’m trying to sleep.

* Which brings me to… lack of sleep. I’m SO tired. I am just so uncomfortable that I can’t stay asleep. I will fall asleep easily but will be woken by these aches

* Peeing ALL the time. I literally can sit down to go. Get up, wash my hands, and feel like I have to go again!

* This has only happened twice in the last two days but I’ve had shooting siactic pain down both sides of my booty. Very painful but only lasts a few seconds

* Monkey is still moving like crazy. He has been head down for almost a month now. I feel his cute little booty all the time.

Well the countdown is on! I’m ready to meet this little man.



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3 responses to “Changes

  1. H2

    Wow, I can't believe it's been 36 weeks already! I'm sure that you JUST wrote about your BFP. 😉 So glad to hear everything is great with Monkey, even if things are super uncomfortable.

  2. Suz

    If I can make one sleeping suggestion for you, try sleeping with a pillow between your knees if you aren't already doing so. It really helped me with back pain and aches, so hopefully it will help you too!! Good luck!

  3. Isa

    Yay for being on baby-watch! I hope you find ways to be comfortable for this next month or so!

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