Trial run??

So early early Tuesday morning and we got to take our first trial run to OB triage. I started having braxton hicks around 11:30pm. I noticed they at least 5-6 that hour. Ang got me a huge water to drink, ( even though I knew I was plenty hydrated b/c I had been drinking so much that day) I got up and walked around, layed down, changed positions. So then from 12:30 – 1:30 am I continued to have around 5-6 contractions that hour too, so we decided better safe than sorry and headed up to the hospital. Baby was moving like crazy though, so that made me comfortable.

We get to the hospital and OB triage is separate from the ER, but since it was after hours I had to go to the ER and they call someone from OB to come down and get me. I was feeling totally fine this whole time too btw. She comes with a wheel chair and I say that I can walk, and she says no way, walking could put you in labor. haha. So we get upstairs to OB triage and NO ONE was there… patient wise. It was nice b/c we were seen right away. I gave a urine sample which was perfect and actually showed how hydrated I was, and took my vital signs which were all perfect too. Then they hooked me up to the fetal monitor and we got to hear our little monkey’s heart beat away! It was funny b/c our nurse called him a little monkey without us telling her that’s what we call him. She told me to let her know when I had a contraction so she could see if she could pick it up on the monitor. Of course…. I’m there for almost 45 minutes and no more contractions. I had a few towards the end but she wasn’t in the room.

Ok, now here was the unpleasant part of the whole experience. The nurse said she talked to the MD on call and as long as my cervix was closed they would send me home. I haven’t yet this pregnancy had to have my cervix checked so this was a first. I should’ve know it wasn’t going to be easy when my little Asian nurse prefaced that her fingers were so short so she would “try” to check but most likely would have to get another nurse to check. Not sure why at that point she didn’t just get the other nurse. So she get’s me in position with my fists under my booty and legs spread eagle. Then she proceeds to jam jam jam her fingers … actually I felt like her whole forearm was up there. I almost wanted to cry because of how bad it hurt. I thought I must be being a huge baby b/c I’ve never heard of anyone else say it hurt them. I knew it would be uncomfortable, but this was sooo painful. She was able to feel it though and said it was closed but very soft. I asked what it being very soft meant and she just said that it was a good thing and means I’m preparing for baby. So glad for all the good news and to find out I wasn’t in preterm labor.

Right after she checked me I had to pee so bad. She unhooked me from everything and let me get dressed to. When I went to the bathroom and looked into the toilet, blood. Then wiped, more blood. Shit, I knew that was coming the way her exam went. I let her know and she said that was normal. All day yesterday I continued to pass some clots and have bloody discharge but it was dark old blood. It finally tapered off this morning.

So we are all good! It was actually kind of nice b/c now we know where to go and how it will all really work when it’s the real thing!

Nothing else to report! We got our maternity pics back! I will post a few my next post



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4 responses to “Trial run??

  1. He'll be here sooner than you think!!

  2. H2

    It hurts. It definitely is not pleasant at all. You're not a baby!

  3. How exciting!!! He is going to be here before you know it — I swear it feels like you all just announced you were preggers. Glad mommies and baby are doing well!

  4. Just wanted to say hey, I am a new stalker to your page! Congrats on the little one and welcome to the world of lesbian parenting…Its a crazy, exciting world..Minus all the stares! Seriously, like people haven't seen a damn lesbian before!!!

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