30 weeks

I sometimes still can’t believe that I’m actually pregnant. 30 weeks seems so much closer to baby being here than 28 or 29 weeks. A woman I work with has a daughter that was pregnant with twins and just delivered them at 29 weeks. One baby was 2lbs the other was 1lb. The 2lb baby actually got extubated (no breathing tube) and the 1lb baby is still on the ventilator. I guess they are doing pretty well. It just is so crazy. I got to thinking, what if baby boy decided to come now. I thought I was ready, but I feel no where mentally ready to this baby yet. Then I start over thinking things, and I scare myself. I get scared thinking about the labor and delivery mostly. My MD asked me my last appt if I had a birth plan and my answer was my birth plan was to not have a plan. I feel like if I have a specific plan in mind and try to control things it will stress me out even more, so I’m trying to go with the flow. This post is kind of rambling, but it’s so weird how this week things are starting to feel more real.

The baby is moving around like crazy these days. I still can’t really tell what body parts are what! He get’s the hiccups a lot more often too… it’s pretty cute! I’m starting to get pretty tired towards the end of the day. My back has been hurting and causing me most of my discomfort. I’ve also noticed my ankles and feet have been swollen after my 12 hour shifts. I starting wearing support hose (which I should wear all the time anyway) which will hopefully help with some of the swelling.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



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5 responses to “30 weeks

  1. The labor part does seem scary, but its all over so quickly. And as soon as you have that baby in your arms, you seriously forget all about the pain and anything negative you might have felt about delivering him. You'll only remember what it was like the first time you got to see him and hold him. All the bad stuff just goes away!

  2. H2

    I agree about not really having a birth plan…just a general idea. I can't believe you're sooooo close to meeting your baby boy. 🙂

  3. 30 weeks?!?!?!? That is so awesome!!! Boo for the swollen ankles and feet but so excited that you are on the home stretch and your little man will be here in no time!!!!

  4. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog, congrats! Going to add you to my blog roll, looking forward to following your story 🙂

  5. I love the no birth plan, plan. The only planning you need to do is amongst yourselves…Liz and I always stayed with the baby thru my delivery and her C section. These last 10 weeks (9 now) is going to fly by…cant wait to hear how it all goes!

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