Still alive

My sister, mamma, and grandma

My cousin, Aunt, Grandma and cousin

My grandma, sister and Stepmom

My cousin and sister


Three of my good girlfriend (the left two are preggo too)!

Wow. It’s been almost three weeks since I have posted anything!! I’m such a slacker. It’s not that I have been super busy… maybe just super lazy. Things are still going great and right on track. Our appts have now switched to every two weeks. Our last one was this past Wednesday. Everything looked great. I passed my glucose test with flying colors!!! ( thank god)! Baby is measuring up fine and heartbeat was good. We have been seeing the NP these last few times we have gone, and I really really like her. I feel like she takes more time with us and isn’t rushing our questions or concerns so she can get us out of there. I was actually a little disappointed this last week b/c we were checking out and our MD was right there and casually/politely smiled at us, but you could tell he had NO idea who we were. Things like this make me think that next time we will use a midwife. I want to feel special every time we go, and not just a number.

This past weekend I flew back home for a long weekend to visit my family and have our first baby shower. Ang wasn’t able to come, so it was just me and the babe! It was super nice to see all my family and some of my close girlfriends/family friends. Everyone was sad Ang couldn’t make it, but we are planning a trip home in December to visit again. Here are a few pics from the shower



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4 responses to “Still alive

  1. It was good seeing you 🙂 Can't wait for Christmas when we'll both have new babies to play with!

  2. H2

    Look how cute you are!! You and your sister look exactly alike. 🙂 So glad you had a great time with family. Boo that Ang couldn't be there.

  3. Yay! We have been waiting for an update! You look beautiful and so happy to be with your family – the pics are really cute!!!

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