27 weeks

The pic is a bit blurry for some reason!

This was a good/busy week! Friday I surprised Ang with tickets to go see Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart!! It was such a good show!! We had a great time. We stayed out late and it felt good. We ended the night by going to Yard House and I had some decaf coffee and a hot brownie the size of my face!

Friday during the day we had our monthly checkup for the little guy. Everything looked good. My BP was fine, baby’s HR was great and I’m measuring just where I should be! I did my glucose testing too.. yuck. I hope I passed, but I’m a little worried b/c after I drank that stuff I felt all lightheaded and goofy. A little pukey too. I didn’t hear anything from the office later that day, so I guess If I don’t hear anything about it Monday, I will assume everything went fine.

This weekend was Phoenix Pride!!! We had to work last year so we made it a point to go by this year! Let me tell you, I did not handle it well. The 95 degree weather plus walking around was really hard on me. I even brought water and purchased another water when I got there but I was just sweating the whole time and kept needing to sit down! We ran into a friend and her new GF while we were there, so that was nice to see a familiar face! We ended the night by coming home, cooked brats on the grill with coleslaw and baked beans and taking a 2 hour nap before bedtime! Gotta love naps before bedtime!


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5 responses to “27 weeks

  1. Oh, the dreaded glucose test. That stuff is nasty. The light-headed feeling is likely from a sugar rush, I felt it too. The whole purpose of the test is just to see what your body does with that much sugar. You'll be fine, I'm sure πŸ™‚ This summer will be kinda brutal for you, though. Being pregnant makes it super easy to get overheated. Summer babies are hard.

  2. Stevie Nicks — EPIC!! I saw her and Don Henley together once. Sounds like you two had a great weekend. Were you able to find any gay families at pride?? DC pride usually has several booths/vendors set up supporting gay families. I know you all had posted that you were looking for similar families in the area. As always, you are looking fantastic! Brownies are good for the mind and soul! How is Mommy Ang doing? I'd like to hear her point of view about your pregnancy journey — this courious also non-carrying mommy would like to know πŸ™‚ ~Finch

  3. glad to hear all is well.

  4. You look beautiful! Glad everything is going well with the pregnancy. We have been so lame about keeping up with everyone, but i logged on this morning specifically to check on you. So excited you are having a boy. Our little guy is so wonderful.

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