Houston, we have a problem

Well maybe not a big problem but check out what I had to buy at the store today…

You may be thinking, Oh how great and prepared am I to get these prior to breast feeding… no. Since last week my nippies have began to leak. I thought last week when it happened it was maybe a one time occurrence but it has continued to the point where I had to make this pad purchase! Now it’s not a TON but it is enough that I’m staining the inside of my bras, and waking up with my sleep tank tops stained. It appears to be a thin, yellowish drainage. Colostrum maybe? Has anyone else had this happen to them… esp 14 weeks before baby is suppose to get here? I googled it, and it seems more common than I thought, but how come no one told me about this!! Hmm … maybe this is a sign that I won’t have any problems with my milk coming in, and breastfeeding will come easy??



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5 responses to “Houston, we have a problem

  1. H2

    Well I hope you have better luck with those pads than I ever did. I suggest you get maybe silicone ones? The disposable ones really really irritated my nipples (after you have something sucking desperately at them) with the cheap disposable "fabric".

  2. I do not have sensitive skin, so I never needed special pads or that nipple cream. I always heard that if nursing is painful, then maybe the baby wasn't latched on correctly… Anyway, I think its a little funny that you're leaking already đŸ™‚ That's not an issue I've ever experienced, but hopefully it does mean that breast feeding will come easily to you!

  3. It happened to me, but about 6 weeks before birth. I would take it as a good sign, that you are a good milk maker!

  4. It happened to me around the same time and it just got worse! I started contracting at around 32 weeks so after that point if I contracted really hard I'd leak a bunch too.

  5. Isa

    Oh, no! Well, at least it seems like a good sign!

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