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27 weeks

The pic is a bit blurry for some reason!

This was a good/busy week! Friday I surprised Ang with tickets to go see Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart!! It was such a good show!! We had a great time. We stayed out late and it felt good. We ended the night by going to Yard House and I had some decaf coffee and a hot brownie the size of my face!

Friday during the day we had our monthly checkup for the little guy. Everything looked good. My BP was fine, baby’s HR was great and I’m measuring just where I should be! I did my glucose testing too.. yuck. I hope I passed, but I’m a little worried b/c after I drank that stuff I felt all lightheaded and goofy. A little pukey too. I didn’t hear anything from the office later that day, so I guess If I don’t hear anything about it Monday, I will assume everything went fine.

This weekend was Phoenix Pride!!! We had to work last year so we made it a point to go by this year! Let me tell you, I did not handle it well. The 95 degree weather plus walking around was really hard on me. I even brought water and purchased another water when I got there but I was just sweating the whole time and kept needing to sit down! We ran into a friend and her new GF while we were there, so that was nice to see a familiar face! We ended the night by coming home, cooked brats on the grill with coleslaw and baked beans and taking a 2 hour nap before bedtime! Gotta love naps before bedtime!


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Where have all the lesbos gone?!

So the other night Ang and I were laying in bed talking about anything and everything. The conversation we had is one that has come up many of times between us. It goes like this pretty much. We somehow get to talking about our great friends we have here (which are all straight couples/straight girls) and that we are so lucky to have them support us the way they do, but that we wish we could find a gay/lesbian couple to become friends with. That’s the problem. We have a good gay male friend here who we love, but he is at a different time in his life. He is out with guy friends every day of the week and wanting to be out and about all the time and hanging out with us probably isn’t very fun! He is single and ready to mingle. We also have a few gay girl friends but once again totally different stages of their lives. We don’t know ANY lesbian couples. Their relationships last 2-4 months… It sucks. I feel like read all of your guy’s blogs and it seems like you all have close lesbian couples that live close and are a good support system for you guys. I’m so jealous. We just wish that we could find a couple that are doing/going through the same thing as we are, that live in the same city as us. We often feel like we are the only ones in the world going through this (which obviously isn’t true, that’s why I blog). I don’t even know how we would go about meeting other couples. Then I think about when baby is born, it would be nice to have play dates or get together with other families like ours, but have no idea how that would work. Does anyone else feel like this, or are we really the only un-lucky ones that don’t have anyone local?! Am I being silly to over think this/want this connection?? I feel like this post was a bunch of rambling..!


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26 weeks

Hello baby boy!


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Happy Birthday

….. TO ME! This birthday seems especially meaningful to me! Baby turned 26 weeks yesterday and I am 26 years old today. I never knew how old I would be when I had my first child but 26 feels so right. Ang took me to a nice dinner @ Melting Pot on Wednesday for a birthday celebration. It was amazing, as usual. It’s my favorite place to go for special occasions. I also did something there that I haven’t done this whole 26 weeks of pregnancy. I had my first glass of wine. It was a small glass and it took me all 2 hours of dinner to enjoy it, but mmmm how I miss my wine! My friends all wanted to join us for dinner but Wednesday didn’t work for them so I get to celebrate AGAIN on Saturday!! And guess where they really wanted to take me?….Melting Pot!! WHAT!… Melting pot 2 times in one week… YES please! This morning as I write this I’m waiting for Ang to get home from work. She called me last night and asked what I wanted for breakfast, so I’m looking forward to some pancakes this morning! Then off to bed. I slept horrible last night. I wouldn’t even call it sleep. It was tossing and turning and bad dreams and being uncomfortable. I’m going to take a few benadryl and go back to bed, which works out great because I have to work tonight. Sucks spending my birthday sleeping all day and then going to work!! I will post a pic in the next few days of 26 week belly. (looks a lot like 25 weeks)


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Houston, we have a problem

Well maybe not a big problem but check out what I had to buy at the store today…

You may be thinking, Oh how great and prepared am I to get these prior to breast feeding… no. Since last week my nippies have began to leak. I thought last week when it happened it was maybe a one time occurrence but it has continued to the point where I had to make this pad purchase! Now it’s not a TON but it is enough that I’m staining the inside of my bras, and waking up with my sleep tank tops stained. It appears to be a thin, yellowish drainage. Colostrum maybe? Has anyone else had this happen to them… esp 14 weeks before baby is suppose to get here? I googled it, and it seems more common than I thought, but how come no one told me about this!! Hmm … maybe this is a sign that I won’t have any problems with my milk coming in, and breastfeeding will come easy??


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25 Weeks

The one with my shirt down makes the belly look HUGE!


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