24 weeks

Whoo hoo! Made it another week!

* I’m feeling GREAT! I keep thinking wow, this is why women must love being pregnant. My energy levels are up, I’m in a good mood, I have a beautiful belly growing everyday, and I get to feel my son move around. Ok, so the first three months were rough but getting to where I am now is totally worth it!

* On a down note…. I’m starting to have trouble sleeping. Which if you know me at all…this is NEVER a problem. I’m always down for a nap or sleeping in whenever I can get it. Lately, I can’t even try to force a nap. I’m just not tired. Which confuses me, because then I go to bed thinking that I ought to be able to sleep real well b/c no napping or being up all night working… and NO. I don’t feel like I’m uncomfortable or anything but my sleeping consists of tossing and turning, getting up to go to the bathroom, and dosing off but waking up wide awake 30 minutes later. Any suggestions?

* My Jayhawks play tomorrow afternoon… and I don’t have to work!! I’m excited to go belly up (literally) to the bar, enjoy and O’douls (or Shirley temple), and watch some March Madness!

* So strangers are finally starting to notice that I’m pregnant. The latest was when I went to Sams Club to get a few bags of cat food. Now I know that being preggo you aren’t suppose to do any heavy lifting, but these bags weighed maybe 8 or 9 lbs…. I was checking out and in front of all the other customers she said ” Oh girl, you should NOT be lifting those, I don’t want you going into labor right here in the store”. Haha. I just smiled. She insisted that someone help me out to my car. Since when does being pregnant=helpless!

Here’s the belly



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5 responses to “24 weeks

  1. You're adorable:) Just wait until complete strangers start invading your personal space and touching your belly without even asking. That's not my favorite thing. I'm also having trouble getting to sleep. Once I get there, everything's fine, but I do spend a lot of time rolling back and forth in the bed wondering why I'm not asleep yet…

  2. Isa

    Funny to have people coming to your rescue so soon! I'm glad you're in the fun part of pregnancy–and I hope the sleep stuff gets better soon!

  3. H2

    Look at that cute baby belly!!!

  4. So happy to hear that you are feeling great despite the sleep troubles – you look GREAT!!!

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