So we had our monthly appointment yesterday with our OBGYN. I have felt like every appt up to this one I have had NO questions at all and we are in and out of there very quickly. Well I had a few this time and was glad to get them answered.

#1) I have been seeing “stars” a lot more often. Mostly with position changes and things like that. I guess preggo women are a lot more prone to postural hypotension, which is what he thinks is happening. Only solution… drink more fluids and change positions more slowly. I know I have been bad with not drinking enough fluids. He said make sure your pee is clear and if you are drinking enough you should be going every two hours! Oh man.. bring on the fluids!

#2) Warning…TMI! I have been having some yellowish discharge lately and have read that yellow=not good. He said that he was glad I told him and that any white, clear, non-odorious, discharge is ok but usually not yellow. THEN he asks me… do you notice a bad odor… and I say no I haven’t at all. Then he looks at Ang and is like… have you… hahaha. She was like umm no! A little awkward! So he wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic to take for a week, just to cover things.

#3) This wasn’t a question I originally prepared to ask, but before the MD came in I asked the assistant how much weight I had gained from the last visit (which was a month ago). She responded 5 lbs and gave a worried face when saying it. I asked if that was ok, and she said, “Weeeelllll, we really would have only liked you to gain 1 lb”. Ouch. So now I feel like a big fatty. But then I started thinking about it… I’m almost 23 weeks, and my total weight gain is 8-9 lbs. Is that too much?? I know I haven’t been very good at eating healthy and I should be more cautious but she made me feel like I’m on my way to gestational diabetes. So I didn’t mention anything to the MD about this because I was sure he would say the same thing and I didn’t want to hear it! So I left the office feeling like I needed to go eat salads and drink more water.. haha.
Luckily I have such a sweet wife who took me to lunch and urged me to get the cheeseburger and fries that I had been craving!

He went over very briefly that my ultrasound from last month looked all normal, and my lab work (including the AFP test) came back normal.

Next month I have to do the glucose test and get more labs.



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7 responses to “Fatty??

  1. H2

    Lol at asking Ang!!! You're weight gain is fine. You look amazing in your belly pics. My b/p is always super low and I had TONS of dizzy stars. Water helped a lot.

  2. you look far from gaining too much weight. You look beautiful 🙂

  3. I see stars and am always dizzy too. I drink a ton of water but my bp is always really low so I figured that's what it was. Your weight gain is totally fine, actually that's below what you should gain! My Dr is on me to gain more and I bet your Dr would have been pissed to find out his nurse said that. I would mention it next appointment. Check out this chart:http://www.indiacurry.com/women/pregcalc.htm

  4. I can't imagine how gaining 9lbs in 23 weeks is too much! And I agree with ZombieKitty, you look great!

  5. The weight gain thing is so arbitrary. The recommendations are averages, but they will depend on your pre-pregnancy weight, frame, and body size. You seem small, so it would be normal for you to gain more weight. The belly pictures look perfect!I put a bunch of weight on in the first 8 weeks (I think, although I suppose it could have been partly fertility drug-related weight) and haven't put on much in the 20 weeks since then. I've been worried I wasn't gaining enough, but my midwife said I was measuring fine and yesterday's growth scan came up normal. I'm going to stop worrying.My advice to you is the same. Stop worrying! And drink more water. 🙂

  6. I read an article about premmie babies in Colorado (where I live) and the number one reason for premmies/small babies/post birth breathing issues/etc. is not enough weight gain during pregnancy. Our obsession with weight is not healthy when pregnant. Listen to your body . . . are you hungry? Are you eating good, nutritious foods? Are you taking vitamins? Those are the important questions, not how much weight have you gained. I don't, as a rule, drink water very often. However, having gone through the preggers thing, it really does help a lot of issues. Lightheadedness, fatigue, cramps or contractions. It really helped me

  7. You look amazing and thank goodness you are taking good care of yourself and your little man by eating and try not to worry about gaining a pound or two…. the nurse needs to worry about the pregnant moms that are starving themselves and the ones that are still smoking, drinking and doing crack throughout their pregnancy which unfortunately is all too common in our community and local hospital. You are a rockstar and don't let her make you feel guilty for a few extra pounds.

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