So I’m wide awake @ 0230 in the morning. I can’t figure out if I’m up because I’m not working or if I’m up because I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable sleeping?? Either way.. it sucks!

So yesterday Ang finished up the boy’s room! It turned out really beautiful. We have the crib, changing table, and dresser so all we still need is a glider with ottoman, small lamp, and just some more little decorations! I’ve also been looking for ideas online on how to organize the closet. We have a pretty big closet but I have NO IDEA what to put in there to get it organized for baby stuff!

So funny story.. I finally had to break down and go buy a few bigger bras! I have always had small bbs and didn’t really feel like they were growing but I guess they were. I’m now a C! haha. Anyways.. I’m browsing through the bras and found a brand I liked but the size I needed was on the rack almost all the way on the floor. So I’m squatting to find my size and somehow loose my balance. Now, instead of just letting myself fall back onto my butt, I think I could catch myself. So I try to stand up but the backward momentum had already started. I’m sure I looked like something from a cartoon show. I had my arms flailing as I’m peddling backward trying to not fall. Well I obviously fall. But it gets better. I fall into another rack of bras, knocking it over, and bras flying everywhere. Luckily it was 11:00 in the morning and no one was around to witness this. I felt so stupid and embarrassed at the time, but now it’s pretty funny. I guess this belly is throwing off my balance a bit!

I will post this weeks bell pic soon… haven’t taken it yet!



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4 responses to “Insomnia?

  1. Pretty funny πŸ™‚ The baby definitely throws off your sense of balance! I think I know what you mean about the insomnia. When I'm forced to get up to pee, I have the hardest time falling back asleep. And if you think your boobs are getting bigger now, just wait til your milk comes in! It can get a little scary like crazy cantaloupe-ish nonsense!

  2. Hilarious! I have a hard time getting up from a squat too, and just think we still have a ways to grow! I've had insomnia this whole pregnancy and it sucks! It's weird because I slept so great when I was pregnant with Ayden, even up until I delivered. As far as the boobs, mine are ginormous too.

  3. that is really funny. i can totally imagine it. the balance thing is so fucked.this morning i realized that i frequently have to stop to catch my balance when climbing stairs.and yeah, i'm still rocking the heels for work. i will wear them until my feet turn into balloons!

  4. If you can gen non-wired nursing bras now, you will save yourself money. I bought new bras for being pregnant, new bras for feeding in, and then new bras for the post feeding boobs!So many bras in such a small amount of time πŸ™‚

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