Little late

I’m a little late posting my 21 week belly shot! I have been feeling under the weather for these last couple days. I hate not feeling good but not being able to take much of anything for it! I called my MD because I was all worried about not feeling good and he said it was most likely a virus. I’m a nurse, so I knew exactly what his next words would be. “get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids and continue to take the Tylenol as needed”. Damn Virus’s. I’m feeling a bit better today but now I’m starting to cough stuff up..ew! Hasn’t stopped my appetite though. Holy crap… I feel like I’m eating constantly…and when I’m not eating I’m thinking about eating! haha. I like this feeling much more than the wanting to puke feelings I had the first three months!

We started to paint the nursery! I need to post some pics of everything coming together in there! It’s so exciting!

Sorry about the bra and undies shot! I always seem to take my belly pics the morning I get off work, before I jump in the shower!



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4 responses to “Little late

  1. Wow! Big change from last week!

  2. In my reading list when it shows a small icon of the picture you posted, you can't see the undies and it looks like you have no knickers on!Lovely belly though 🙂 Coming along nicelyHope you feel better soon XXx

  3. Wow – what a change from the last one 🙂 sorry you are under the weather… can't wait to see some nursery pics!!!! We are waiting on AF to come around March 15th to start the BCP and our 1st round IVF. Here's hoping we will only be about 25 or 26 weeks behind you girls!

  4. A+K

    Happy, happy, happy 21st week!!! Beautiful bump!!!

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