18 weeks

Wow, already to 18 weeks. It’s flying by all too quickly! This week the baby is a size of a sweet potato!! Baby is still moving and grooving around in my belly. 2 nights ago at work, around 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning I felt the biggest kick yet so far. In fact it was so big I jumped a bit. It scared me and got my heart racing! I talked to some of the girls at work that are preggo… one is 30 weeks and she says even though she is so use to feeling baby move some of the kicks she gets catch her off guard! I loved it!! Ang has been calling the baby wiggly lately! She still is jealous that she can’t feel the kicks yet! How early were your partners able to feel baby move??

(excuse our messy bathroom!)



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5 responses to “18 weeks

  1. I just asked Stacy and she answered '5 or 6 months' so that's not very accurate really!

  2. Jeanne has been able to feel the baby since week 16 and feels it daily now but I'm on the thin side. Also it depends where your placenta is. I also remember my Dr saying something about my uterus being the shape of a heart or something? So I don't know if my uterus is tilted forward or what? That strong kick you had Ang would have most likely felt. I'm sure it will be any day now! And just wait then she will have her hands on your belly 24/7!

  3. Brandon couldn't feel the baby move until about 20 weeks. He's a guy, though, so he didn't get as excited about it as I wanted him to. Is that a Tanner's cup on your tub?? 🙂

  4. what a squirmy wormy baby! I'm super excited to hear if its a boy or a girl. after you tell me you better expect some packages in the mail from his or her auntie! =) PS im on my roommates megans computer.. but its your sissy paige!

  5. I think about 20 weeks for us, too. She had to press down on my belly. But then I didn't even realize I was feeling him move until around 19 weeks.

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