Hanging out

I feel like I have nothing to blog about lately! Everything is going well and I’m feeling great!!

We have our gender ultrasound next Wednesday. I am sooooo looking forward to it! I’m pretty convinced that it’s a baby boy and will be so surprised if it happens to be a girl! Of course either or will be fine by me. I just still think it’s a little guy!

I got a manicure this past weekend and opted for the gel polish. I have had it once before but let me tell you…It’s fabulous. I can wear it to work b/c it isn’t considered acrylic and it lasts almost 3 weeks with out chipping or peeling. It withstands all my hand washing I have to do at work! The down side is that it cost $50.00. Maybe I won’t get in the habit of doing it all the time but it was a nice treat!

Ang is ready to feel the baby move. She gets so jealous every time I tell her I’m feeling movement!

Hawaii is just a week away!! I like the last minute vacation idea because it feels like we just booked it and day is so close! We literally have NO plans for when we are there. We have talked about things we might want to do but decided we will just play it by ear when we are there. I like this idea b/c if we are tired and don’t feel like doing anything… we don’t have to!

I’m so happy yet another winter has passed and I have been here in Arizona. I don’t envy my family and friends with their negative degree weather and wind chills, and tons of snow they got over these past couple weeks! It has been chilly here however! We had the heat on all last week! The one nice thing about it being colder here is I sleep SO much better during the days when I work nights.

Wow… how’s that for a random blog post!



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6 responses to “Hanging out

  1. A+K

    SO jealous of your upcoming trip. K & I were just looking at a Hawaiian vacation last week!!! Wishfu thinking since I have no leave at work, but we're thinking maybe the fall πŸ™‚ Have so much fun!!!! I love your plans to just play it by ear…smart thinking!!! πŸ™‚ Happy (almost) gender ultrasound day!! Your pregnancy is really flying by! πŸ™‚

  2. H2

    Yay for Hawaii. Such a fun trip to take before the baby arrives!

  3. Isa

    I think boy, too–can't wait to find out for sure! Have you got names picked out yet or are you waiting til later?

  4. Oh man, Hawaii sounds like a dream right now! So jealous!

  5. cant wait to hear if its a boy or a girl! they are all wonderful but we sure are enjoying our little man!

  6. Ema

    Wonderful plans. . .I am in the Midwest FREEEEEEEZING so be warm for me too:) I'm a lurker but the wind chill is well below 0 and I had to ask you to send some warmth this way while there:)

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