Some random thoughts today….in bullet points

* I keep thinking back to the day we got our BFP and still can’t believe it. I actually can’t believe everyday that we are going to be moms!

* I think I officially have a pooch! Ang said new years eve she could totally tell there was something, but I didn’t believe her. These last few days there is def a little tummy that I can’t suck in!

* I go in for my NT scan tomorrow… has anyone else had this done? The doc made it seem like a routine thing that everyone gets done. I think it is just an ultrasound. The plus is my little sister P is in town and she is going to come with so she can see her little nephew or niece!

* We did one of those inteligenders this morning. I know it’s silly and probably not very accurate but it said we are having a boy! I guess we will find out soon enough…6 more weeks! Anyone else do this?



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6 responses to “Thoughts

  1. We did the Itelligender test, too. It turned nearly black instantly. Probably due to all the boy parts onboard. 🙂 We also had a NT scan. With triplets you can only do the u/s part. There isn't enough data to have "normal ranges" for the blood work that usually accompanies it. On the plus side, you should ask them to guess on gender tomorrow. The NT scan is usually done with a much better machine that can tell gender so much earlier. We had ours done at 13 weeks and they told us our identicals were boys and that they were pretty sure our fraternal was, too. Two weeks later they confirmed. 🙂

  2. For some reason all your posts from the last three weeks just showed up in my reader today! Aarrgh. So happy to hear things are going so well. Crazy that you're done with your first trimester already! Do you have your own guess about the sex of the baby?

  3. Isa

    Me, too, with the posts all showing up at once! So funny you can use a little cup like that and it will tell you if it's a boy or a girl! Do you have names all chosen already, or are you waiting to know for sure?

  4. i would do a test like that too. you never know!

  5. we did the nt scan and it was very routine. we did not do the intelligender thing but at the nt scan, we were over 13 weeks and the ultrasound tech said she thought we were having a boy…she was right…so you may get yours to give you a guess…

  6. ME too, three weeks worth all in one go, I can't keep up!! lol

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