11 weeks

Really…. already?! One more week and I am done with my first trimester! It seems so crazy and surreal. I haven’t been feeling so hot this last week at all. Baby must be growing and moving!

We had our first appt with our OBGN Dr. F ! I do really like him and that was again confirmed getting to speak with him at our first appt.

Things that were different from Fertility doc..
I had to pee in a cup, they had to draw blood, they did a pap (ouch) and felt my bbs!

Oh and we have graduated….to a REAL ultrasound! I thought since it was still pretty early they would use the dildo cam…but nope! It was nice not having to get undressed and less painful/uncomfortable.

Everything looks good and the baby is measuring right on track. They sent us home with some pictures but they are crappy compared to the last ones. I can barley make out anything.

That’s the latest and greatest. I work the next three nights….what a Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!!



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2 responses to “11 weeks

  1. it seems to be happening so fast!! seems just like yesterday.happy holidays!

  2. You're moving right along! Just wait until the baby starts wiggling around so that you can feel it! I thought it would be the creepiest most alien feeling, but its probably the coolest thing you will ever get to experience 🙂 Totally crazy to think you're almost a third of the way through the pregnancy…! Hope you feel better soon. You know in your second trimester you're supposed to get your "frisky" back 😉

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