Christmas blues

This year I just can’t seem to snap into the holly jolly yipee for Christmas gal that I usually am each year. We have been beyond busy… leaving no time for shopping or decorating for that matter. We have the tree up and garland around the banister, but we did that all before we went home to Kansas.

Then we were in Kansas for two weeks, came home work three 12hour shifts in a row, welcomed my friend Lindsey into town, had a Christmas party(which I need to post a few pics from), said goodbye to Lindsey, and now back to work!!

I think being so busy has just kept my mind off everything. I literally have not one thing for Ang and according to her she hasn’t gotten me one thing either! You wanna know the sad part… I’m completely ok with that. We had a great Christmas last year and next year will have BABY, so why not skip this one?!

PLUS we both have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… 😦 AND we live in Arizona… so It just doesn’t feel like Christmas or winter.

Wow, I feel like I am totally rambling. So all my family is getting for Christmas is gift cards stuck in a X-mas card! I feel bad, but at the same time I’m like screw it! They are still getting something!

So there ya have it. I have the Christmas blues, but am very much ok with it. Already looking forward to how special it will be next year!


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