8 weeks

We had our 8 week ultrasound today and it was totally surreal. We got to see the heartbeat!! Our little monkey had a strong 161 beats per minute heart rate! I got all teary, it was so awesome! Baby looks like a gummi bear! Little head, little heart, and 4 little nubs… soon to be arms and legs.

I had few “sacs” of blood/fluid on either side of the of the baby but not in the baby’s sac. He didn’t seem to worried but wanted us to come back in two weeks to make sure the they hadn’t grown any bigger. We had no problem coming back… we get to see the baby again!

The next 6 of 7 days are going to suck because I have to work. I guess when you take two weeks of vacation you have to make up for it.

Oh… and if you haven’t left me your email address please do so! Will be going private here in the next few days.



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8 responses to “8 weeks

  1. H2

    Wait you're pregnant!?!?!!? Congratulations. Yay!!! Pictures?

  2. h2.. where did ur blog go?!

  3. Yay for ultrasounds! Hope all goes well in the next appointment 🙂

  4. We are only 3 days apart due date wise!! I go for another u/s on Sat and am so excited to see our little gummi bear! Did they give you a photo? I wanna see your baby!

  5. i cant imagine for the heart beat. hopefully soon in january if all goes well for us.

  6. mikey.linda@verizon.net I have been following your blog from Amy & Melissa's Family Blog. Would love to continue following you. I am a 62 year old Grammy of six and live in Long Beach, CA with my husband. Thank you, Linda

  7. glad everything is going so well for you gals!! I think you have our email address if not let me know.We would love to keep up with you girls.

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