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11 weeks

Really…. already?! One more week and I am done with my first trimester! It seems so crazy and surreal. I haven’t been feeling so hot this last week at all. Baby must be growing and moving!

We had our first appt with our OBGN Dr. F ! I do really like him and that was again confirmed getting to speak with him at our first appt.

Things that were different from Fertility doc..
I had to pee in a cup, they had to draw blood, they did a pap (ouch) and felt my bbs!

Oh and we have graduated….to a REAL ultrasound! I thought since it was still pretty early they would use the dildo cam…but nope! It was nice not having to get undressed and less painful/uncomfortable.

Everything looks good and the baby is measuring right on track. They sent us home with some pictures but they are crappy compared to the last ones. I can barley make out anything.

That’s the latest and greatest. I work the next three nights….what a Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!!



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Christmas Party

We have a X-mas party every year at our house! Last year the theme was Ugly sweaters and this year it was silver, gold, and white Christmas! It was so different this year not drinking! All I could think about was cleaning up the whole time and how loud it was! Here are some pics from the occasion


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Christmas blues

This year I just can’t seem to snap into the holly jolly yipee for Christmas gal that I usually am each year. We have been beyond busy… leaving no time for shopping or decorating for that matter. We have the tree up and garland around the banister, but we did that all before we went home to Kansas.

Then we were in Kansas for two weeks, came home work three 12hour shifts in a row, welcomed my friend Lindsey into town, had a Christmas party(which I need to post a few pics from), said goodbye to Lindsey, and now back to work!!

I think being so busy has just kept my mind off everything. I literally have not one thing for Ang and according to her she hasn’t gotten me one thing either! You wanna know the sad part… I’m completely ok with that. We had a great Christmas last year and next year will have BABY, so why not skip this one?!

PLUS we both have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day… 😦 AND we live in Arizona… so It just doesn’t feel like Christmas or winter.

Wow, I feel like I am totally rambling. So all my family is getting for Christmas is gift cards stuck in a X-mas card! I feel bad, but at the same time I’m like screw it! They are still getting something!

So there ya have it. I have the Christmas blues, but am very much ok with it. Already looking forward to how special it will be next year!

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Todays ultrasound was the BEST by far…so far!!

#1- The hematomas are both gone!! Which is super good and makes me really happy b/c I get to FINALLY stop with the Progesterone suppositories!! That in itself makes it a great day
#2- We got to see our precious lil babe! When he got the probe all in place it was crazy to see how much it had changed. I had the biggest smile on my face. Then my smile turned to tears b/c the baby started moving and flipping and waving its arms and legs! I couldn’t believe it. There is a little human in me, moving around!! I can only imagine how every ultrasound will get better and better.
The doc said everything looked great and right on track! Todays visit was a little bittersweet however. We finally graduated to the real OBGYN and had to say goodbye to all the familiar faces and ppl we have grown to love and trust.
The pics are from my phone again and not that great quality
This first pic is of baby all curled up in a ball and nice and snug

And this pic you can see its beautiful head, eye sockets, and 2 arms and 2 legs!!! HEAVEN


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So Thursday we get to see baby again!! I feel like we are so lucky that we have gone so frequently. The only reason we get to go back again to our fertility doc is b.c he wants to check on my subchorionic hematomas to make sure they haven’t grown any larger! THEN next week is our first appt with the REAL OB! I’m nervous to go see them b.c we have grown so close to all the staff and our doctor at the fertility clinic. I like my OBGYN though. Plus he is gay and I like that aspect of it to. We clicked when I had to go for my annual girl stuff so I think it will all go well.

Will leave you with a picture of one of our sweet Christmas Kitties


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9 weeks

Well I guess technically I will be 10 weeks on Thursday! But thought I would jot down how I have been feeling these last few weeks

* Not feeling as EXHAUSTED as I did in weeks 6 and 7.

* Still would prefer to take a nap though!

* Have acne worse than I did in highschool…. old wives tales say this means its a girl?! To make it worse its the deep down under the skin ones that hurt SO bad!

* No morning sickness! This whole time so far I have had to take zofran twice but never have thrown up.

* Still having a hard time wanting to eat anything. Just nothing at all sounds good.

* A little bit on the moody side. Ang would say a lot on the moody side!

* Off and on twinges or tiny cramps in my uterus.

* No baby bump yet…. lots of bloating and tummy fat though!

Think thats all for now! Wanted to give a shout out to the girls over @ CONGRATS!!!!! These two are newly preggo!!!!


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When I was back home I had the chance to catch up with an old friend from highschool. We grabbed coffee and I got to meet her beautiful 17day old baby girl!!

It was some good practice getting to hold such a tiny baby!!

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