So this morning after I did my progesterone supp I noticed maybe an hour later with the discharge that came out that I had a small amt of brown spotting. I’m a little freaked out b/c I haven’t had any spotting of any kind this whole time so far. Any reassurance? Is this normal? Have any of you girls experienced this? I did google it and read that quite a few ppl have experienced this, but just wanted to see what you guys thought….



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5 responses to “Advice?

  1. No advice from personal experience, but from having 8-zillion friends with babies and reading all the other bloggers out there, seems totally normal. Hard to not freak out, I realize, but lots of people spot in early pregnancy. Just remember: you're pregnant!

  2. I was completely freaked when it happened to me! I called the office and they said it was normal. It wouldn't hurt to call and ask so you heard it from a professional. No matter how many people told me it was normal it wasn't ok until I heard it from a nurse!Ps……CONGRATS!!!!!

  3. I had that at 12 weeks and they told me it was just "old blood" working its way loose after doin' it. You might need to worry if its bright red, but brown is old and therefore not connected with your baby.

  4. If it is brown then that is not too much of a worry. I never had any though so no personal experience.

  5. Oh my GOD!! I had a feeling that was what the news was but you had said you didn't have the last insem so I thought there was no way. Wow!!!! We are gonna be due around the same time! Yay!!!!! So amazing congratulations 🙂

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