3 Years

It’s our three year anniversary this Sunday! We are celebrating tonight @ our most favorite restaurant in the entire world… THE MELTING POT! It’s kind of tradition and we go there for every anniversary…and sometimes for birthdays too!

We also don’t get the dinners there at all. We get cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. This year will be a bit different… but I will cover that in another post…in about two weeks.

Full tummy and complete satisfaction…HERE I COME!



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6 responses to “3 Years

  1. H2

    2 weeks?!?! No, now woman! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Its good and juicy too… you guys are going to kill me

  3. A+K

    Am I the only one asking about this 2 week thing??? Are you holding out from us?!?!

  4. You better spill when you get here!

  5. my mind is racing…what could you be up to?

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