One of those people

So I usually categorize people who get out their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving as one of those people.

Well folks, this year I am one of those people! Today we brought out the Christmas tree, decorations, and lights! Oh, and I listened to Christmas music while doing it. We usually don’t put our things out until right after Thanksgiving or even the first couple weeks of December, but this year with traveling back to Kansas for two weeks we figured we could get a jump start on things.

Another reason is, we have a annual X-mas party every year and didn’t want to be stressed out getting back from Kansas and trying to get everything prepared for the party.

Behold… the awesome tree!



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5 responses to “One of those people

  1. It looks great! We haven't had a tree up for two years now and I miss it.

  2. H2

    Ugh you're preemptive decorating makes me feel inept. I have no interest in decorating this year since the girls will be with the ex this year. Argh!!

  3. A+K

    YOU ARE MY KIND OF PEOPLE!!!! I adore Christmas…that may be an understatement! This year will be kind of an influx year as we'll be split for the month of December but I'm still looking forward to the season! Ask K and she'll tell you just how excited (can you sense the sarcasm?!?!) she is to listen to Christmas music with me while we drive from here to PA to NY for our Thanksgiving festivities! ha! Beautiful tree!!! 🙂

  4. it looks nice. my thanksgiving was over in october. so i guess i can put up mine.. i mean, the pharmacy has theirs up. lol.

  5. I love putting up the Christmas tree 🙂 I'll be doing that first-thing when we move in. Two weeks from today…!! Can't wait to see you guys!

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