I haven’t posted in almost a week!! I feel so lazy. BUT I have been off work for almost a week and most of my good blogging comes to me while I’m at work.
My poor patients.
So back to work it is for two days! (Gotta love my schedule.. only three 12 hour shifts a week)

So I was looking back at a few more questions that I was going to answer.

Loralou asked how did you decide who would carry the baby first. That question was the easiest for us to answer out of the whole TTC process so far. Ang has never wanted to pregnant and have a baby, and I have always longed to be pregnant and carry a baby! Short and sweet! Ang did say that if for some reason I was unable to have babies that she would hop right into that role. Ang also has hypertension and is getting older… now I know she isn’t old but older for TTC. She is a young beautiful 37 🙂

Finch and Wren asked what our favorite thing about Kansas is and what are we looking most forward to when we go back and why did we leave.
We left Kansas do pursue travel nursing. Ang has traveled in the past to Hawaii and AZ and loved it, so we decided why not go again.. we weren’t missing out on anything in KS. So our first contract was here in AZ, and our next contract was here in AZ, then we decided we liked it so much that we would move here. We made some really close friends and felt so welcome. What I’m most looking forward to is getting to see all our families and friends. I miss them all so much! We have Skype which makes the time in between visits seem shorter. I’m also looking forward to the cold… which I know when I get there I will be thinking screw this! I miss the fall and winter and am looking forward to wearing big hooded sweatshirts and snuggling on the couch under a warm blanket.

We go home in less than two weeks!! I’m so excited! I’m ready to do a lot of nothing and not worry about anything.


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