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Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We never can get everyone together for a family picture and this year grandma insisted on getting one! So here is my awesome gorgeous family!


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Still vacationing

Well I’m still in Kansas and still on vacation. I was thinking to myself…. why aren’t I blogging more…because I’m am literally not doing anything! I haven’t being doing anything b/c I feel so unmotivated and tired!

Tomorrow will be the big 7 weeks! I thought I would share how I have been feeling
* no more spotting! who hooo! Just happened that one day, and none since
* TIRED…so tired. Wake up from sleeping all night and want to take a nap tired. This goes along with the not motivated to go anywhere or do anything.
* light to mild crampings
* I feel a little on edge mood wise, almost like I’m having PMS. Little things are getting to me and driving me crazy.
* No morning sickness or nausea! I am feeling like nothing tastes good to me. Something will sound so good and I will make it or go get it and then when I am ready to eat it, its not what I want. Although as I’m sitting here typing I am eating a few crab ragoons that are to die for!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

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So this morning after I did my progesterone supp I noticed maybe an hour later with the discharge that came out that I had a small amt of brown spotting. I’m a little freaked out b/c I haven’t had any spotting of any kind this whole time so far. Any reassurance? Is this normal? Have any of you girls experienced this? I did google it and read that quite a few ppl have experienced this, but just wanted to see what you guys thought….


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So you guys are getting the scoop a week earlier than planned! Here is the deal. I wanted to post about this a lot further back BUT my baby sister who is completely awesome reads my blog and I didn’t want here to see the post. Now that I am in Kansas and have seen my sis I can tell you..

So remember almost 6 weeks back when I posted how we had to skip our cycle b/c of only one follicle. Well I kept having second thoughts after that appt and Ang and I decided that we didn’t care if we only had one chance, and that we wanted to try after all.
And so glad we did b/c…. I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are 6 weeks today and had an ultrasound two days ago to make sure everything was in the right spot! No heartbeat yet, but MD said 5w5d is usually a little early to see one. We will have another ultrasound when we get back which will be @ 8 weeks!
I have been dying to tell you guys and surprised I didn’t break down and post something anyway!
So that is the big news…. we are still processing things but very excited!


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3 Years

It’s our three year anniversary this Sunday! We are celebrating tonight @ our most favorite restaurant in the entire world… THE MELTING POT! It’s kind of tradition and we go there for every anniversary…and sometimes for birthdays too!

We also don’t get the dinners there at all. We get cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. This year will be a bit different… but I will cover that in another post…in about two weeks.

Full tummy and complete satisfaction…HERE I COME!


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One of those people

So I usually categorize people who get out their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving as one of those people.

Well folks, this year I am one of those people! Today we brought out the Christmas tree, decorations, and lights! Oh, and I listened to Christmas music while doing it. We usually don’t put our things out until right after Thanksgiving or even the first couple weeks of December, but this year with traveling back to Kansas for two weeks we figured we could get a jump start on things.

Another reason is, we have a annual X-mas party every year and didn’t want to be stressed out getting back from Kansas and trying to get everything prepared for the party.

Behold… the awesome tree!


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I haven’t posted in almost a week!! I feel so lazy. BUT I have been off work for almost a week and most of my good blogging comes to me while I’m at work.
My poor patients.
So back to work it is for two days! (Gotta love my schedule.. only three 12 hour shifts a week)

So I was looking back at a few more questions that I was going to answer.

Loralou asked how did you decide who would carry the baby first. That question was the easiest for us to answer out of the whole TTC process so far. Ang has never wanted to pregnant and have a baby, and I have always longed to be pregnant and carry a baby! Short and sweet! Ang did say that if for some reason I was unable to have babies that she would hop right into that role. Ang also has hypertension and is getting older… now I know she isn’t old but older for TTC. She is a young beautiful 37 🙂

Finch and Wren asked what our favorite thing about Kansas is and what are we looking most forward to when we go back and why did we leave.
We left Kansas do pursue travel nursing. Ang has traveled in the past to Hawaii and AZ and loved it, so we decided why not go again.. we weren’t missing out on anything in KS. So our first contract was here in AZ, and our next contract was here in AZ, then we decided we liked it so much that we would move here. We made some really close friends and felt so welcome. What I’m most looking forward to is getting to see all our families and friends. I miss them all so much! We have Skype which makes the time in between visits seem shorter. I’m also looking forward to the cold… which I know when I get there I will be thinking screw this! I miss the fall and winter and am looking forward to wearing big hooded sweatshirts and snuggling on the couch under a warm blanket.

We go home in less than two weeks!! I’m so excited! I’m ready to do a lot of nothing and not worry about anything.

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