Part dos

Warning… part two is a little fucked up.. read on if you must

Ok I left off on how I didn’t really talk much or associate with the two of them anymore. Well it was 21st birthday celebration and the decided to meet some friends of mine and I out for a few drinks. They only stayed for one or two and left because they got in some sort of argument.
Fast forward to the next morning at like 6am. (I’m a little..ok a lot hungover) I get a call from Angie… which is unusual because she never calls me. She told me she needed me to come pick her up and take her to the hospital. I was very confused and asked why. She said she took too many pills and needed me to come get her. This didn’t make too much sense at the time but I got in the car and went to get her. The drive was about 20 minutes, so on the way I call her again, maybe a little pissed off because I felt like I wasn’t getting the whole truth. I ask her, why can’t Kara take you, what is really going on, are you ok etc.. She then tells me something I never expected. She say’s Darc, it’s not me, it’s Kara, she tried to commit suicide, the ambulance won’t let me ride with her because I’m not family…..
Cue me get so sick to my stomach. I was dry heaving and thought I was going to have to pull over. I was shaking and freaking out. I pull up to their house and there are 3 cop cars in the driveway and poor Ang sitting on the front porch waiting for me.
I won’t go into details on how Kara committed suicide, but she went to heaven the following day.
I later find out from Ang that Kara had been abused by an uncle when she was 9 and had attempted suicide once before. It was something that she just couldn’t deal with.

I know that part sucked to tell but part of our journey together. Since that day I never left Ang alone, I was with her all the time, I grieved with her, I got shitfaced with her, I was a dear friend to her. I never had a friendship with Angie and over the next months we grew extremely close. It felt right and wrong all at the same time. I was happy when I was with her and embarrassed about what I was doing when I wasn’t. This went on for a full year. I would now call it dating but back then didn’t want to admit to anything of the sort. No one knew about what was going on between us. I just knew that I wasn’t gay and that this was a fling or something experimental.
Angie never pushed for anything more but I knew secretly she wanted a relationship.

I think when it all clicked for me was 1 1/2 after Kara had passed (a 1 1/2 of dating) in Sept, and Ang and I were laying in bed talking. She told me she was going to do a travel contract in California because nothing here was holding her back and she was ready to get out of Kansas. It clicked for me because at that moment I realized, I didn’t want her to go, she couldn’t go, what would I do without her, I love her! I convinced her to stay but didn’t fully commit to the relationship until November 14th. Ang loves this next part because this is how I came out to my mom… We were @ Khols shopping and in the check out line. She says something about are you dating anyone right now? I just blurted out, Yes, Angie. I think my mom cried and what not, but I told my mom we were dating and together before I told ang! I called Ang so proud that I came out to my mom and told her we were dating and she was like …we are? Haha. The rest is history. It has all come so naturally and so easily and I’m happier than I ever have been! We made it official this past January in Whistler, Canada!

So that’s our crazy story… I’m glad I could share with you guys!



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4 responses to “Part dos

  1. we all have stories of how we got to where we are. it just makes us grow and know exactly who we are.we got married in january too this year. on the 30th, but in montreal. (i am from bc, vancouver island)

  2. Our story sounds a bit sordid as well. I just try to remember that we were meant to be together and found a way to make that happen. If our story ended with a hot one night fling or an experimental week, it would be different. It didn't, we've been together 5 years, we're married and have 3 sons, that makes it romantic not sleazy… Right? 🙂

  3. H2

    I agree with Robbie. Our story, or at least mine, is a bit taboo but we're together with two happy daughters and hopefully more to come. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to write ours out!!

  4. Wow girl that's a crazy story for sure!! So glad I asked that question 🙂

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