Well we went in this morning for our ultrasound to see how my little follies were doing. And little follies they were…

I guess I almost expected this, which is why I’m completely ok with the decision we made. My lining was great @ 12mm, however only ONE follicle again measuring at 19mm.

We collectively made the decision to cancel this cycle and try for next month only because

1) The doner we really like only had 4 iui vials left ( we purchased them all) and they aren’t sure when he would donate more. Therefore we have already used one and want to make our other three tries really count
2) I’m still not responding AT ALL to the clomid. We know it only takes one to get pregnant, but would like to give ourselves better odds taking in account our finical issues and limited sperm

SO.. next cycle we will go to combo drugs. 50mg of Clomid and injectables. I’m not sure yet which injectables we will be using yet, but feeling hopeful that my body will respond to them!

I’m feeling a little bummed but also very ok with what we have decided.



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4 responses to “News

  1. have they mentioned the other oral drug? i am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. H2

    Why are they dragging their feet with Clomid? (lol, perhaps I shouldn't be so frustrated for you!) I hope you respond well to the injectables. 😀

  3. So sorry dear. I remember how frustrated I was with my cancelled clomid cycle – I too didn't respond great until they upped it quite a bit. Hoping the combo cycle works better for you.

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