Cool as a cucumber

As the insemination and dreaded two week wait get closer, it has made me think more about this cycle.

As much as I felt like I wasn’t stressing and over analyzing things this last cycle… I knew I was.

This cycle I’m taking a new approach and am feeling already good about it! I’m just not going to worry/think about things. I haven’t let myself have caffeine or alcohol the past two cycles and have decided that hell, if I want a cup of coffee or a few beers after work, I am going to have them!

I think by depriving myself of certain things during my wait, did in a round about way make me constantly think about the TTC process!

So cool as a cucumber will be my new slogan this time around! I go in for my scan in two days and am feeling positive.

We need some positive things to happen for us bloggers! Pom is the only one with luck around here! Congrats again by the way!

Today I will enjoy being lazy on the couch and watching Sunday football! Go Chiefs!



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2 responses to “Cool as a cucumber

  1. Love the new approach! I think it's crucial to do what you can to lower the stress level during the TWW, not even because it matters so much in terms of success, but it makes a huge difference in terms of your sanity!

  2. I second that! It's very easy to let it consume you but that's pretty much the worst thing you can do. I definitely did the same thing when we first started TTC and let me tell you it not only makes you go insane but it starts taking a toll on your relationship as well. Good luck and try not to live your life in two week increments 😉

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