As I thought

Guess who showed up right as I was taking my offical TWW preggo test… If you gussed AF then you are right.

We are bummed… I didn’t cry and feel like the 2nd BFN wasn’t as bad as the first BFN.

I can’t imagine you girls who have gotten one BFN after another for years. This shit is hard.

Well on the bright side I’m going to Minnesota this weekend to visit my BFF Lindsey! I’m def going to have a few beers and relax!

Called my MD and the plan is to not start injectable yet but to increase Clomid to 100mg/day…. ( Even though my body didn’t respond AT ALL to the 50, I hope it was just that it was too low of a dose for me and not that my body isn’t responsive to it)

Thank you guys for all you sweet comments and wishes! You all rock



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7 responses to “As I thought

  1. I tried to post last night but my computer was being difficult. I'm so sorry yesterday wasn't your day. I was hoping it would be good news for both of us. Glad you get a little vacation to take your mind off of things!

  2. H2

    Boo! I'm so sorry for your BFN. 😦 Have a great time with your BFF and start again when you come back. Big hugs and much love.

  3. be safe on your travels! sorry for your disappointing news. have you asked your dr about switching to the other clo.mid like med? liz didnt respond to clomid well but did on the other.

  4. So sorry about the BFN. Hang in there. Have fun in MN were having beautiful weather this weekend… It’s funny we have a best friend who moved to Arizona a few years ago and you have a BF who lives here in MN. Small world. Enjoy a restorative weekend and the beers sound mighty good!

  5. So sorry girly. We were also out of town this weekend, in the middle of no where, and couldn't pick up a wireless signal. Thought about you guys a lot and wondered how things turned out. Don't fret, it will happen. Meanwhile, I'm sure you had a great weekend and did some liquid therapy. CHEERS!

  6. Just found your blog. I have almost the same blog post about POS and getting AF right after. SUCKS! Good luck in TTC, it can be so frustrating but I know worth it in the end. I'm going to try and catch up with your blog. Feel free to head over to mine if you'd like so you know who's following you 🙂

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