Wait wait wait

Well I have been a good girl and haven’t tested again. It’s been so hard and is constantly on my mind.

I am suppose to start my period today/tomorrow. Not quite sure b/c my this last time was 29 days as opposed to my normal cycle which is 28 days.

I’m having major cramps and feel like af will be here any second. I’m running to the bathroom every couple hours b/c I feel like af arrived but nope, just thin clear cm. (and lots of it).

Still haven’t had any kind of spotting or any other real symptoms. My bbs are bigger but not sore and I once again am thinking its secondary to the progesterone.

I decided if I don’t get my period tomorrow I will do a test… or should I just wait until Thursday which would be the official end of my TWW?!?!

I’m happy I work the next three days b/c it will help keep my mind off things.



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3 responses to “Wait wait wait

  1. I'm impressed you've held off testing again. It's not easy. My dilemma about testing right before the bloodtest is that if you get a negative you still have to go in for the bloodtest anyway, and it can be really hard to do that if you feel like you know you're going to get a bad result. Thursday is almost here for both of us!And I wouldn't try too hard to predict when your period is actually due. My cycle was always super regular and definitely got wacky with the progesterone and hormones.Fingers crossed for you.

  2. H2

    Fingers crossed and lots of hugs!

  3. Work helps. Except I spent way too much time goggling early pregnancy symptoms instead of working.Good luck making it through!

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