Broke down…

I know I shouldn’t of, and told myself I wouldn’t BUT I tested this morning. 10dpo and got a BFN.

I don’t feel like it’s over yet but am a little disapointed. I’m not feeling anything different or abnormal. I’m suppose to start my period on Tuesday, so I guess we will see.

Thursday with be the offical end to the TWW. I’m feeling like this cylce is already done for



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7 responses to “Broke down…

  1. Putting too much stress on yourself can potentially have a negative affect on your attempts to get pregnant. Somehow, you have got to try to relax and just let it go. It will happen. Can I ask you something? Since you're a perfectly healthy young person, why are you taking fertility meds? People get pregnant all the time by accident without the use of follicle-pumper-uppers and stuff… Can they not just inseminate you on your regular ovulation days and see what happens?

  2. H2

    Hugs babe. I'm still holding out hope!!!

  3. The power of positive thinking – this cycle is not over! You are only 10dpo…I do the same thing and test early every time…It is so hard to make it a full 14 days. Don't lose hope!!

  4. Totally agree with Pom! I know how disappointing it is to see that negative test, but that does NOT mean this cycle is over. Sending hugs to you. And don't second guess yourself or your decisions. You're doing everything just right 🙂

  5. Way too early dear but don't feel bad we've all done it. I'm holding out hope. Just for reference both times I got BFP they didn't start showing until around 11/12DPO.

  6. I told you wahtever you do, DONT TEST BEFORE DAY 11/12! i know its hard not to though. are you having any other symptoms? Loaded question i know. sending good thoughts and hoping for a BFP on day 12/14!

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