One Week

Welp it’s been one week since our IUI. Could these days go by any slower?? I am actually surprising myself with how patient and laid back I have been. Do I want to test… yes. Will I.. Heck no! I’ve had some weird off and on symptoms

1dp0- mild cramping on left side
2dp0- More sleepy @ work than usual ( could be b/c I didn’t get much sleep before I went in)
5dp0- cramps almost all day… felt like AF cramps, and I had the poops! (TMI) 🙂
6dp0- mild cramps again, not like the day before and then felt normal the rest of the day, until dinner time when I had a normal size meal and felt so bloated and full after.

I guess from everywhere I read there are a lot of ppl that have implantation bleeding, but If I had those bad cramps on day 5 and would think that would be implantation, but two days later and no bleeding or spotting.

Have any of you NOT had any spotting and end up with a BFP?

We are going to keep trucking along!



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7 responses to “One Week

  1. I know I haven't gone through what you are going through, but I have been pregnant 5 times and never had any implantation bleeding… The tireds were my biggest symptom every time.

  2. The early symptom thing is such a mind f..k! I'm glad you're not testing yet. It's definitely too early and you'd just get disappointed. But so far I'd say it all looks good!

  3. I did have spotting, but not till 12 DPO.

  4. H2

    I've never had spotting with my BFPs. Good luck and listen to Nicole! Don't test early.

  5. no implantation bleeding here. are your breasts sore? that seemed to be our biggest sign.

  6. No sore bbs… they are getting bigger but I'm blaming it on the progesterone b/c that happened last time.

  7. thinking of you both….tww is almost over 🙂

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