I have found from last time and now this time that Google is my enemy! I need to stay away from it but I can’t!

So I got to thinking about my ONE follicle I had that measured 27mm and started googling about that. It got me upset b/c everything I read said that 27mm was too big and would never produce a viable pregnancy, that it was too ripe. I literally looked at sooo many pages and they all said about the same thing.

I’m going to keep my promise to myself and not test until my two week time which will save my mind from going crazy some, but the Internet is right at my fingertips!

I also told myself with every negative thing I was thinking I would try to make a positive… so here is the positive

Call it fate or a weird coincidence but the night of my IUI on my way to work was a Full beautiful moon, in my view the whole drive to work. Ang is in the float pool @ her hospital and so she texted me the unit number she was on…she must of miss typed some of the numbers b/c when I called the number it was the lactation line to the hospital! THEN.. Ang had a sweet Arabic lady and without Ang saying anything to her the lady asked her if she was trying to have a baby, and Ang said Yes. The lady said I will pray for you and every time Ang went into her room she would tell her she is still praying for a baby!

We both thought those things were all a little weird! Who knows. Today is day three of the 14 day wait!



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3 responses to “Enemy

  1. Hang in there and have faith! I definitely believe in signs and the arabic lady is no coincidence. Tomorrow is day four – the TWW kills us every time too – stay relaxed and enjoy this time together – our fingers are crossed for you both! We go back to the doc on Oct 18th for a consult to see what she recommends – we are up for whatever will bring us the highest success rate at this point….our insurance does not cover any of the costs but we have spent thousands over the past year – did your insurance cover IVF? I guess we need to keep saving our $$$, who knows what the next step will bring for us…. ~Wren

  2. Definitely stay off Google! I know it's so, so hard, but if there's one thing I've learned from following so many people's blogs it's that you really never do know what's going to happen. And Dr. Google is evil. I have my fingers crossed we'll be getting BFP's on the same day 🙂

  3. i am trying so hard to stay off google this time. it is super hard, im day 8 today, and i so just want to type something in that little tool bar. You can do it!

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