The Deed

The deed has been done. This morning @ 0930 a.m. I was shot up with spermies!

This was my first IUI experience since last time it was IVF. I have to say, things were different than I thought they would be.

I guess I thought my MD would be doing it, and that was surprise one because it was the nurse practitioner. I love her… she is very sweet and very knowledgeable, but she is NOT gentle at all. You would think the female would be more sensitive, careful and caring but my MD is way more all those things! When she put the speculum in, she didn’t use any kind of lube… OUCH! It prob wouldn’t have been a problem if I hadn’t taken the Clomid, but the clomid dries me up a bit. Then when she put in the catheter and blew up the ballon on the end she did it so fast my abdomen hurt so bad! The rest of the time went by ok. Her and Ang mostly talked the whole time and I layed there and tried to relax as much as possible and not think about things.

On a good note…. Our swimmers motility were 37.5 million! Holy crap! I guess that is very much above the average so I’m happy about.

The NP was also very surprised that my ovaries didn’t respond well to the Clomid. She suspected since I’m in my mid 20s , in good health, no fertility problems, that I would have produced atleast 3-6 follices. Hmm. So if this time doesn’t work she said next round they would probably move on to clomid plus injectables.

So now starts the ever so long 2 week wait. Here we go



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5 responses to “The Deed

  1. So how many follies did you have? I'll go back and re read. I may have missed that post. The swimmers sound excellent, ours werent NEAR that! Think positive, take care of each other these next 2 weeks and WHATEVER YOU DO dont test before day 11 or 12! 🙂 Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. I have all my fingers crossed for you! I have no experience of IUI, we just stuck 'em in there ourselves! lol

  3. H2

    I think they don't use lube because it could hinder the sperm traveling? A nurse did H1's IUI's too. We were taken aback for sure. She, also, wasn't very gentle.That's amazing motility. Was that per 1cc or per 0.5cc? Yay for excellent swimmers!My fingers are crossed for you both.

  4. So excited for you ladies! You def have A LOT of swimmers in there! Bon chance!

  5. I'm sorry it was so painful but it sounds great otherwise! Fingers toes and everything in between crossed for you.

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