I lied…

Ok I totally take back that my only side effect from the Clomid as been hot flashes! And also I didn’t have to take 4 days… 5days. So today is day 5. Thank God

I cannot stop crying. I’m so sick of it.. I get goin and cry so hard my head starts to pound! Yesterday watching Oprah… tears
Movie I have seen 10 times and never cried about… tears

To top it off last night at work I had a patient go down hill quick and this morning he made the desicion that he was done.. I don’t usually get emotional at work but I couldn’t help myself and cried infront of the patient, his daughter, another nurse and a doctor.

I can’t think of what else would make me so emotional but the Clomid! I’m a freakin baby



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4 responses to “I lied…

  1. It stays that way after you have the baby too. I never used to get emotional about stuff, but now I can cry so easily. Extreme Home Makeover gets me every time… 🙂

  2. H2

    Oh god, don't you hate it when you bawl in front of patients and colleagues?! I've pulled tons of ET tubes but my first one at a retirement facility had me crying my eyes out! I was mortified. Yea…I cry like that all the time. Lol, The Santa Clause had me going the other day. Welcome to the hormone club. Boo! Big hugs!

  3. Hang in there! The emotions and flashes always passed quickly for me after the 5 day cycle. It was usually just bad while on the meds. Good luck this cycle!

  4. Wow Dee…Wren and I were considering elevating our pregnancy plan and are planning on talking to our Dr about the possibilities of Clomid. I think you just cleared the air for me. I will have to share your findings with her. Please relay my support to Ang 🙂 Just kidding with you! On an up side….today is your big day right? Thinking of you both and sending positive stork wishes your way!

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