Random thoughts

Going through this whole process I have stayed so optimistic and had such a great outlook on things. Especially since we did IVF first and I know that it usually last resort for many couples.

With the IVF not working for whatever reason with Angie’s eggs, I feel like how is IUI going to happen with me?

I am optimistic in it working though and am very excited. I feel guilty though because I’m already planning where I will be and what I will be doing for next month when I would inseminate again. Is that horrible that I am already thinking this first one won’t work, or just realistic in making sure if it doesn’t I’m prepared for the next one?

You all probably think I’m crazy blogging at this time in the morning BUT … I’m a ICU nurse and work nights… best blogging comes around this time!

So this morning after work I go to the MD office for day three lab work ( hormone levels and what not ) and a va ja ja ultrasound to “make sure things are good and quiet”… I’m not too sure how necessary this ultrasound really is though. I feel like everything is just a money grab. Really… $200 bucks for you to look at my ovaries and be like “yupp everything looks great”. Whatever

Also this morning I start Clomid 50mg for the next 4 days. I have heard Clomid can make you pretty crazy! With IVF the progesterone and estrogen I was taking made me an emotional irrational mess! Pray for Ang.. she will need it!

That’s all for now! Ciao!



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3 responses to “Random thoughts

  1. I just went in for my Day 3 ultrasound and bloodwork. I might write a post about it because I was so pissed, but we'll see…Unfortunately I think it's inevitable with this that we always think about "the next time…" It doesn't mean you're being pessimistic. For me it's a reflection of the fact that it seems so crazy this will ever work, even though I know it will! I had no side effects my two times on Clomid so hopefully nothing crazy will happen to you!

  2. many times it happens on the first try. i was a one hit wonder and so was several of my good friends. so, positive thoughts!

  3. Like Nicole, I didn't have much Clomid side effects. I constantly have the overall emotional wreck side effects of the psychological process of TTC, though. They suck.

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