One down

Well I went for it and had my first acupuncture today. It went really well. My therapist went through everything and was very detailed about the whole process. There was one needle he put in my right hand that I swear must of hit a nerve or nerve endings, b/c it hurt and made my ring finger and pinky numb! Ouch! Otherwise it was very relaxing and I even fell asleep for part of it! I’m going to go every week and hopefully it will help keep my stress low and my opstimisticism ( made up that word 🙂 ) up! Should start AF on Monday… hurry up!



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2 responses to “One down

  1. Acupuncture naps are the BEST! Normally I can't nap, but I fall dead asleep during my sessions and totally love it. Glad you gave it a try.

  2. Glad you decided to try acupuncture and went for it! It has def made a difference in my wife's stress level, not to mention, now all of her meridians are in line. I would def encourage you to look into other eastern medicine ideas — they know what they are doing over there! ~Finch

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