So I need your alls feed back on a subject! As the IUI date gets closer the more stressed out/nervous I get. I have read a lot of blogs that talk about accupuncture/massage to help throughout the whole process. What are your thoughts?? I of course wouldn’t turn down a massage, but do they really help?!

Let me know your experiences and stories!



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  1. I LOVE acupuncture! Seriously, can't get enough. It's totally relaxing and I particularly love it because my acupuncturist always validates whatever strange "symptoms" I'm having and makes sense of it all. I think it's important to find someone you really like. And lots of people swear by it for TTC. And massage…I'd never turn one down myself!

  2. I haven't done either during the TWW but we did just start a relaxation CD. I think the key is relaxation and if either help with that for you then go for it! I've used acupuncture for a chronic back injury and had great success. I've also heard regular visits can help with uterine lining and blood flow uterus.

  3. I did acupuncture, and I'm still not pregnant after 4 iui cycles and 2 ivf cycles, so who knows.

  4. I started accupuncture last month and have had 7-8 sessions to get all of the engergies balanced in my body – our 3 round IUI is this Thurs and Friday so I booked accupuncture tomorrow, Thurs and Friday – I've read that it can increase the success rate by up to 40%. I have read other blogs who used it as well with success, so keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you posted if this one is a success!

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