Where to begin…

Ang and I have been together for three years and got married this past Jan in Canada.

We are living in one of the most republican states ever… Arizona, and we feel like the only lesbians here! We just moved here a year ago from Kansas ( which you think would be worse for gay couples, but totally better than Arizona) We are both nurses and moved here for work!

We have great supporting families and friends and have met a lot of amazing people here in Arizona, but don’t have any close lesbian/gay couples that we are friends with that can relate to what is going on in our lives

I found so many great blogs through lesbianfamily.org and am SO happy b/c I can relate to EVERYONE! I feel like I found my group and support system!

Ang and I started the baby process this past January…and it has not been as plesant as we would’ve liked. It was almost impossible to get an appt. There was only ONE office in the entire Phoenix area that would accept our insurance, so we had to make it work.

We had call three different times before they would make us an appt and then tried to cancel the appt we had two different times. The receptionist was rude, the nurse was rude, and every other patient (men and female couples) stared at us the whole time we were in the waiting room.

Luckily we LOVE our MD and he has made the process go so much better. Also the NP who has been working with us is sweet and we both now feel much better and less akward when we go to our appts.

We are doing IVF. We are using Ang’s eggs, paring them with a doner sperm, and implanting them in me

I’ve been on Lupron and Estrogen and Ang starts her FSH on Sat!!

That’s the shortest re-cap of the the 7 months…!


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  1. Just stopped over via Poms blog and I wanted to send you ladies lots of luck… Sorry this process has been so challenging but I hope this next week brings you wonderful news.

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