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We got the official news that they weren’t able to freeze any of our embryos… I’m a little disappointed, but feel so positive about the two embies that were put in me!

So today will be post transfer day #3.
Still don’t feel too different. I could of sworn I had some indigestion yesterday (which I never have) and I feel a little crampy and my back is a little sore.

I also of course am over analyzing any possible symptom I may or may not be having!

I will post a pic of our embryos next post!



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Wait game

Well yesterday was another big day. We had two embryos transferred. One was a blast and the other wasn’t very far behind from the leader.

Kind of disappointing news was the embryologist let us know that four weren’t going to make it to freeze and their was only one possible one that might, and we would find out today.

Pretty much the MD said the ones he transferred are our big team players.

The transfer went really well! No pain, wasn’t uncomfortable, and we had lots of staff in and out wishing us their luck. It was very nice to see familiar faces rooting us on.

Today, I don’t feel any different…. how long after your transfers did you feel any symptoms??

A week from today I go have my blood drawn for a preggo test!! So here comes more waiting!!

Should I cheat and take a home test?!


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Well, we got good news on Thursday. Out of the 6 eggs that were retrieved… ALL 6 FERTILIZED!!!!

We about shit our pants when our NP called to give us the news!!

So Monday is the big day for the transfer…! I hope this streak of luck continues!

Sidenote: And maybe a little TMI – These Progesterone supp. that I have to do three times a day are grossing me out! I’m a nurse and can handle about anything but I would rather give myself injections everyday than deal with this nasty curdy cottage cheese crap leaking from me 24/7!! Ok got that out of the way… o the things we will do for a baby!

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Big Day

Well yesterday was a BIG day in this forever long process/journey! We had our egg retrieval day!
We were both so nervous, but everything went sooo well! I think the worst part was they had to stick Ang twice to get an IV in. The procedure itself only took 30 minutes!
Good news is we got 6 EGGS! Our MD said they were all pretty mature too and that he had good hopes about them fertilizing.
So now today it’s another wait game. They said they would call us this afternoon to let us know how many fertilized and if our transfer day would be Saturday or Monday.

Wish us luck

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Well tomorrow morning we get to see if this Follistem is doing it’s job! I hope that her ovaries are going to corporate and give us some more follicles! Ang’s belly hurts from the shots, I have bruises on my from the Lupron… sure wish it didn’t have to be so complicated! I’m ready for the big retrieval day, which should be next Tues or Wed.

Nervous, excited, anxious, happy… so many emotions in body me right now.

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Hormones hormones hormones

Our household is a mess of emotions! Our poor kitties

How does everyone deal with two women both on different hormones and needing a lot of attention!!

We will get through it.. haha.

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pre-op eval

On Tuesday Ang had a ultrasound to get a baseline on how many follicles were in each ovary and to get her blood work drawn.

Left ovary- 3
Right ovary-5

We start Follistem on Sat and I’m hoping she responds well! Come on ovaries!!

Here is a pic of Ang @ our ultrasound.

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